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Inspiration: Olafur Eliasson

A major inspiration for me recently has been Olafur Eliasson, recently I visited his exhibition at the Tate Modern in September 2019. A lot of his works has a focus on experience, colour and audience participation. All of these are ideas that I think about when planning my own artworks.

This is most evident while experiencing Eliasson’s 2010 Piece Din Blinde Passager as he explains on his website.

“Upon entering this long, narrow corridor, visitors are temporarily blinded by brightly illuminated fog that requires them to rely on other senses to orient themselves. As they progress through the corridor, they move through zones of different hues. ‘Blind passenger’ is the Danish expression for a stowaway.”

This explanation encompasses all 3 ideas and is also similar to my degree show piece Blindworld (2018) at UCA Farnham. Both aim to “blind” the participant forcing them to use other senses to navigate the spaces , the differences being where Olafur blinds people with his varying Hues of bright colours, I removed all colour and light.

This level of interaction continues throughout Eliasson’s body of work such as your spiral view (2002) a kaleidoscopic mirrored cylinder which invites potential participants to walk through.

More information of his work is available on his website

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