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Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall

Last week I visited Houghton Hall in Norfolk, especially to experience Anish Kapoor’s amazing exhibition, which runs until November 1st. This is the first exhibition I have been to since January.

The Sky Mirror was the centre piece, the star of the show thanks to the scale and the impact. I knew what to expect, but this concave mirror surpassed my expectations. The highly polished stainless steel reflects with the clarity of a mirror.

It draws your attention to the sky at an angle you would not normally appreciate, taking command of the space that I feel nothing else could.

The setting of Houghton Hall is ‘grand’, inside and outside. The Stone Hall is inhabited by a series of elevated convex coloured mirrors that reflect and distort the interior. The classical architecture and the ornate decoration contrast the minimal shape and design of the stainless steel mirrors.

There is a large permanent collection of work by other artists in the grounds, which I look forward to writing about in the next blog.

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