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Bridget Riley at the Hayward Gallery

In my dissertation I wrote about different people see artworks in different ways depending on their own eyes and briefly used Bridget Riley’s Op art as an example.

I’ve never previously had the chance to see a collection of Rileys work before, the retrospective contained works from her early work right up to recent artwork. this included Blaze IV which I included in my dissertation


Blaze IV (1963)

in particular I was fascinated in Riley’s series of “Curves”.

Upon entering the room I was drawn into works that seemed to be moving and at times I was convinced that it was also 3 dimensional. These works were constantly challenging my brain, making me question what I was seeing.


Streak 2 (1979) Close up

These painting after a while can be quite hard on the eyes.

It was also fascinating to see the plans Bridget had made for her artwork on squared graph paper showing the planning and accuracy required to form her illusions.

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