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website is coming along well the only empty page is the about page which I am currently figuring out what I need to put in it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 14.24.22

current home page

the First thing you see when entering my website is a full screen photograph of my mirror work I took at the end of last year. This is to let any visitors immediate know what my work is but also intrigue them into wanting to see more.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 14.45.28.png

currently my works page consists of selected works I have made throughout the course. I am currently considering reworking this page to add an archive page link where all of my less prominent or older artwork would go. when hovering over the images the works title appears which when then clicked on loads up the artworks webpage which has a collaged Tiled gallery.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 15.10.13.png

Eye (2017) Artworks webpage

Each artworks page first tile contains information including name, year and medium followed by a collage of images videos and looping GIF’s automatically sized by the website to fit the computer screen. Unfortunately for an unknown reason on mobile the GIF’s and videos don’t start automatically as they should with views having to manually tap on the video to start it. i am currently looking into my contact page is currently very simple with a name, email, subject and message box which is then linked to my “artist” email address I also have my email at the end of every page if the victor doesn’t want to fill in these boxes. i could properly improve upon this page in the future.

the Blog button in the website header links to the homepage of this wordpress blog. I will try and create a link for my website on this blogs header to allow easier travel between the two websites.

my website has now been published at  however currently requires a password to enter to the homepage as the site is not quite ready.

To prepare for when the site is finished I have also gone through Wix’s SEO guide and edited what appears on Google search results when I appear on search results all I need to do is to  “press finished” and i will start appearing on Google.

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