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Degree Show: Inside the space

I can’t show people how I experience the world but I can create similar experiences that challenge what people think and see.

Less knowledge of the interior space will make the outcome more effective.

upon entering my space the participant is forced to navigate a narrow pathway.

Materials on the wall include fake fur, sandpaper, pillows covered with felt. Balloons hang from the ceiling. everything inside is black. There is a strong smell of scents.

The pathway is designed to be challenging by changing normal sensory input of sight, touch and smell and physical balance, removing the comfort of knowing what is coming next in the darkness. Being given a helmet to wear inside will heighten the anticipated sense of danger.

In the planning stage a ramp that rises and falls round a corner was included. however due to time constraints this has not be included at this stage but will added before the final degree show.

I am considering placing artificial grass upside down on the floor to create a uneven floor. The underside of the grass is black and textured

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