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Theta filming

Received the ricoh theta SC today and spent the afternoon testing the camera. 


The camera takes spherical photos and video creating a video you can move around and look at the video from any direction. The footage seems almost seamless apart from a very small space directly below the camera that the lens can not pick up despite this the camera is still able to create a good image in the space of the blindspot. The first thing that came apparent after filming was that I needed to be careful how i held the camera as the whole of the bottom was my hand holding onto the camera, despite this there are multiple ways of getting around this problem. i could find a way of holding the camera in place similarly to how I used the go pro head strap. Another alternative is to attach a tripod or selfie stick to its base. looking online it is suggested i try a selfie stick and point it directly downward into the Theta’s blindspot causing the stick to completely disappear.  There is also a smartphone app for the theta that allows whoever is holding the phone to remotely start and stop filming without needing to press the physical button on the camera this would remove the need for my hand to be holding onto the camera.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 15.30.53

screenshot from film test

During filming I held the Theta close to my eye to try and get my eyes perspective afterwards when looking at the footage through a VR headset the entire back of the film way my giant eye looking around at the viewers point of view. I’m interested in taking this eye further into my work.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 16.01.23.png
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