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I’ve always been interested in QR code and what I could use them for. Recently I saw thembeing used in a work at the 2018 shape open which was a collection of books which had been checked for mistakes with a QR code beside them allowing visitors to scan it giving access to the complete collection of digital scans. This gave me the idea to look into how QR codes could be useful for me I thought I Should start by creating one which would link onto my website.

I found that it is very simple and easy to create a free QR code which many website offering to do this. I also found it is possible to made slight edits to the usual black blocky square style of a QR code.

I created my QR code with the colour being changed to a bright red and the style being given rounded edges. I chose this as throughout the years as I commonly have both red and round shapes in my work. Initially I plan on on putting my new QR code on my business card which I am currently designing.

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