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Go pro filming

After my tutorial I hired a go pro and bought a go pro head strap to give a more realistic view from my eyesight as well as capturing any head movement I do to compensate for the loss of vision.

I decided to film a norma Al walk i’d have to take, starting in the studio I walked two my flat before heading into town into the art shop and then back to the studio. I also filmed myself eating lunch with it however I was not happy with the outcome so didn’t use it.

In total i had around 25 minutes of footage which was too long to keep the audiences attention, ideally the film would be around 5 minutes cutting out sections which included walking down a quiet path where nothing happens. scenes highlighting the dangers of living with hemianopia were left in including crossing roads or walking down   spiral staircases.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 15.36.03

scene from film

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