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eye film: crit show set up

While preparing the studio for the crit show I was able to negotiate a suitable dark space in the show which was a dark area making it easier to see my eye projection. light could have been better but was slightly improved when I was able to turn the studio’s lights off.

I was pleased with the set up of the projector and was able to minimise how much cable was shown in the space blending the wires in with the floor and wall.


one problem that occurred was after I had set up the projector it was unable to play the video I had made from my usb. I found this frustrating but was able to find a way round this by instead connecting my laptop into the projector and hiding the computer round the back of the plinth where it was out of the way and unlikely to be seen. I will try before the crit tomorrow to fix the usb problem as i could possibly be a formatting problem.

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