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Crit show: Friday crit

After having the mirror in my work thrown away I decided to leave it as it was which, by Friday as expected, had more rubbish in. And to present the bin for the days crit.

The crit was with Brigid and visiting artist Doug Fishbone

Upon showing Doug the bin and explaining what happened to him I showed the photographs of the work I took before the mirror was thrown away.

Upon seeing the mirror Doug called the effect “freaky” and that he hasn’t seen anything like it. Liking that when looking in he expects to see garbage but instead seeing back up. After saying I liked the risk that the work had in it in being mistreated and throwing away Doug asked if I knew the work of Gavin Turk which I had and have seen his painted bronze bin bag. We also talked about the idea of inserting a tracker and camera into the work to document the journey the work taken on possibly showing the footage from the camera. We also talked about where it should be placed without it becoming obviously a art piece, also about the surprise of finding a mirror in a space there not usually found.

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