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Tutorial with Paul

Paul gathered that my piece was about value and turning something of low value into something exquisite. he asked what was it that raised the value of something?

He mentioned the artist Susan Collis and her use of pecious materials in items such as screws made of silver with a diamond. I had had a tutorial with Susan Collis but at the time this was not what I was working on at the time.

He felt the final material didn’t work as it was not convincing and suggested that I try gold leaf – which I have now ordered to try out.

We talked about how mirrors present an item and how they are used in high end shops to make products look worthy. It then becomes a comment on consumerism – the packaging and the way in which we dress something.

He suggested that I looked at Hans Steibach’s work of ordinary objects on amazing shelves – to think about the presentation and construction.

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