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spike and mirror development

discussed my unease with the ouctome of the linear gallery with Srin talking to him about wanting to start using my intrestes with colour and mirrors he agreed that i need to explore my interests again but not to give up on the spike just yet. my imideate response was to spray the plaster spike. which had previously been put aside during the linear gallery project. Decided  to spray it cadmium red which i have used in previous piece. srin had talked about placing mirrors on the floor which i decided to explore my placing mirrors around the then white plaster spike.

I then experimented with more smaller mirrors circling around the spike however this didnt work as i thought the simplicity of only four mirrors was more visually striking and powerful. I decided to place the four mirrors in a corner in the shape of a square with the red spike placed centrally.

The mirror in the corner creates a sense of depth, continuing the wall downwards into the floor. This causes the red spike to reflect itself creating a double spike which appears to float. The work set in a corner forces the viewer to view the work from a specific point allowing me to ‘frame’ what they see.

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