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Drive for this piece was a reaction against previous work been described as polite I wanted to produce work that was definitely impolite rather small and subtle – I am to create something strong and intrusive.

Intervenes with pathway

forces people to avoid it and go around


sense of danger


Metal spike- wrapped in card to get full sized hollow spike –

small mirrored card – mirror finish references the fact that spikes are often metal

large hollow cardboard spike used as a mould for plaster

used plaster spike as final piece to be shown in crit after attaching it to the wall nearby the workshop door forcing passerbys to walk close to the piece

decided  to not use mirrored finish ­- had to be solid not hollow to have substance and be threatening and to dominate the space that it occupies.

i looked at work by Daniel Premec’s where spikes are  bursting through a space. my work  however my spike is part of the wall, which has emerged from the flat surface to protrude and challenge.

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