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reflection on linear gallery piece


Moved away from spikes because although an unexpected obstruction, it also created a sense of uneasy danger and I no longer want my work to feature this.

It was the mirrored material which I had used with the spikes that I wanted to bring forward and focus on in my next work.

I started off my getting mirror tiles and experimenting by placing the left over spikes onto of them in different positions. This got my thoughts going about creating work which moved away from a sense of violence that the spikes had generated.

I started to wonder how I could manipulate the mirrors to achieve effects I had not seen before. It is only by touching and handling materials that I can get inspiration for new ways of working.

What if I scratched through the protective layering and took off a section of the mirror? I found I had instantly created a window through part of the mirror which I found an exciting idea. Light is coming through the mirror , The mirror still reflects your image but you can also see beyond it. This played with perspective and and makes you question what am I looking at.?

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