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Project X exhibition installation

my Tate project finished this week with a group exhibition in the linear gallery

I was originally thinkimh about spray painting the wall to get a smooth coat of paint over my wall however after a discussion with the technician I discovered this would be difficult due to the fumes whiles spray painting instead it was recommended i use a small gloss roller which created the same effect i wanted as the spray paint 


I then hung the same polystyrene hemisphere i had painted the previous week while i was developing my piece and, same as before hung it on a nail which was hidden inside the hemisphere. Following a tutors suggestion I then used filler around the edges of the hemisphere.


After painting the filler Cadmium Red the same as both the wall and hemisphere everything started to blend into each other as if the hemisphere was a part of the wall bulging out of it. I then repainted using the roller the wall and filler. every 30 minutes afterwards i would repaint the hemisphere until the paint hid the earlier brush marks and any indication that the hemisphere was made of polystyrene. when finished it neither looked or felt like polystyrene.

Finished piece 


Afterwards all I had left to was to help install everyone else’s work 


Linear Gallery entrance

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