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london visit 19th november

went to london to see Jason martin exhibition at lisson Gallery who i discovered on tuesday. while there i also visited the abstract expressionism at the royal academy and Pat Steir at Dominique Levy.

* I prefer the black and white ones to these, even this blue and red one. I think, especially with the one on the other side of the wall [which was Elephant Waterfall], the size of it ….

* I like the way the whole of the canvas has been used, not just the front. (Elephant Waterfall, 1990).

* Valentine, (2009 – 2011) – Kind of seems like there is a waterfall off to the edge somewhere. All the others are waterfalls.

* Valentine (2009 – 2011) – I have just noticed something. Is it on purpose that she has left a piece of canvas blank? Why? Is it accidental? Has the paint come off? Interesting that it is in the middle of the canvas..

* Talking about Valentine and the red image in the Bazaar write up – Was this one [in the article] painted next to Valentine so the splashes from one add to the other?

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