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Gallery set up

Over the weekend I have decided that the plinth should not have anything placed upon it as throughout the making process I have considered the plinth to be the work itself and placing something upon it would turn the placed object into the work and the the plinth would become the holder of the object. The main focus would then have shifted towards the elevated “work”.

Today was installation day for second year fine art ‘Prefix is Post’at The Lewisham Arthouse.

The mirror plinth survived the van journey to the gallery. After carefully unwrapping all of the bubblewrap my plinth was placed upright. I had to leave just before everyone else had finalised their work so left some protective wrapping still in place just incase. The light is good but the floor space is a little limited so my work seems a little vulnerable. I’m looking forward to finally seeing it fully unwrapped at the private view on Thursday.

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