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Donald Judd “not about masterpieces but why there are so few of them” Response

“much is made now of the catchword ‘post-modern’ which includes more every day. this term has been made by changing the meaning of the word ‘modern’ from ‘now’ which is all it ever meant to a meaning as a style which the word cannot mean since no style can include such diversity”

modernism was so diverse because of the work produced by the artists of the time modernism was reflecting on the time just as post-modernism is a reflection of its “presentness”


Claes Oldenburg Giant Hamburger 1962

Oldenburg uses materials from the commercial environment not traditional sculptural materials. He wanted his art to reflect contemporary everyday life in all its complexity and change oldenburg did this by using a icon of American culture, the hamburger

“post-modern is being used to obscure the issue of quality by claiming a presentness and a popularity supposedly superior to that of acknowledged art and architecture”

I don’t agree as the world of the modernists was different to the world that the post-modernist was responding to.  Oldenburg is responding to the then growing fast food culture which did not exist in modernists times. i don’t consider the post-modernists as superior just as I believe they didn’t consider themselves as superior only as a new way of pushing the boundaries of art.

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