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Discussion with Susan Collis


Susan Collis As Good As It Gets, 2008 18 Carat White Gold (hallmarked), White Sapphire, Turquoise, Onyx 

Had a one to one talk with Susan Collis who creates what initially looks likes seemingly ordinary objects out of expensive and precious materials such as white gold and sapphire.

Started by showing her some of my inspirations including Jeff Koons and Jason Martin who’s work I had seen recently in london.

I then showed her the work in progress video i am making of mirror film rolling over a mirror. we talked about how i was interested in the effect where the two mirrors touched each other She was intrested in how she could see me in the video asking about it. it was unintentional as when filming or photographing mirrors i can’t get away without having myself in it describing it as a accidental self portrait.

She also suggested i cut my own mirrors out into different shapes similar to what paul had said in my previous tutorial.

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