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chrome Car wrap experiment

Took a small piece and found an off cut of wood that had a curve at each end to be my test piece. The foil was sticky on the back and also had a protective film on it which needed removing. I roughly placed the foil around the wood, wrapping it around and then heated areas of the film gently whilst pulling it so that it would perfectly mould itself around the wood when heated up the foil wrap became very soft.

Things that went wrong:

Areas that were overstretched lost their reflectiveness and turned into a Matt silver where there was excess foil it stuck to itself and created a flap.

The foil picked up every detail of the grain of the wood underneath and any bumps and holes in it.

What worked

The curve worked well I managing to keep the mirror like qualities with a smoother texture. I would like to get it as smooth as possible and place it somewhere where people can question what it is and what it’s made out of.

Want to get something rounder and then bigger – made out if?

Inspired where the hole in the wood is covered with the wrap when smoothed and when pressed in makes a concave area looking like a “dent” like a car ding

I pictured making something look like metal appearing very strong having a dent in it as something powerful has come along and damaged it. Illusion

I want to wrap to disguise

Wrapping abstract shapes up.

Round shapes – stones

The material feels like it has permanence.

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