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Berlin Trip: tuesday (hamburger Bahnhof)

I spent the morning visiting the hamburger Bahnhof, a massive gallery which i did not have enough time to explore Although i still saw a lot of art relevent to me.


Thomas Ruff, Substrat 17 (2003)

I was first atracted to this piece to the use of colour as I got closer i saw it was also reflective the works are two peices on opposite walls so you could see the reflection of each other. this reminded me of my work with mirrors.


Roy Lichtenstien “Reflections on the Artist’s studio” (1989)

intrested in the solid colours and how the artist has painted the edges


Dan Flavin “Untitled” (1996) previously seen simillar works of his during my foundation trip to Amsterdam intrested in his use of coloured lights.


Jason Rhoades “A Few Free Years” (1998)

this peice allows the viewer to walk through and play through a narrow corridor of mostly fully functioning arcade machines this recreates a experiance of what it was like going to an arcade complete with the sounds of all the games at the same time.

this is simmilar to my work about digital/games in my work ipixel and my glitched wall

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