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Paint colour with depth – in response to the blue disc

Painted Cube – felt it was not a solid colour as it was only on the surface

I peeled off the red paint I had left to dry over the weekend on the plastic. The topside had dried but the bottom had not so it left an impression behind as I peeled it off.

I then decided to place it on the large red square I had painted on the wall as I was thinking about something coming out of the wall and took some photos.

I thought about casting a cube of paint but decided it would not set and if it set it would distort.

I tried to think of other ways of other ways of making a cube of paint

  1. Making it up of layers of paint

  2. Just making the sides

I then decided to cover the small cubes with very thick paint almost disguising the cubes. I have left this over night to dry.

Replication –

Foods a big No – people saw my circle and cubes in relation to food before but I want to get away from that.

Not land art

Doesn’t have to be a cube but the form is important

All about the colour – RED

The paint is taking over the plaster form or object changing it.

At what point is it not a cube? –When the paint is thickest

Thinking of changing the shape with the use of paint

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