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linear gallery install

Initial idea was to have the spikes coming down from the ceiling

That changed after I talked to Paul

He suggested about keeping my original concept of a soft bed by draping material over the ceiling before pushing the spikes through rips in the fabric.

The idea changed again when trying to install – as the fabric fell over a window – now the spikes could be stuck to the actual window allowing them to be just  visible beneath the fabric, masking the fact that the spikes are only cardboard making them appear that they could be metal or another material. Where the curtain could be concealing an uncomfortable space.

The idea of bring a fabric into the gallery piece came out of a conversation with tutors during the start of the gallery installation. incorporate an idea relating to the mattress that I used at the beginning but I felt I had moved away from this idea and it was not longer relevant. However I did like the suggestion and agreed to incorporate it into my work.

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